Feb 1, 2015

My Sunday Fried Rice!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Easy Peasy 321~~

How has your week been??
How was your first month of 2015??
I can't believe it's already February, where did January go?

Today, I did my usual Sunday routine: had some brunch and grocery shopping.
When I came back from grocery shopping, I was too tired to prepare anything too crazy, so I just took whatever that was available for me in the fridge and make my Sunday Fried Rice, that looks like this ...
This fried rice my friend, took me less than 10 minutes!!
I had some left over rice in the fridge, some left over eggs with tomatoes (told you it was one of my favorite dishes ever), some spam.

Chop up some spam,.
Pour away the extra sauce from the eggs with tomatoes.
Heat up the pan.
Add spam and eggs with tomatoes, stirred around for 2-5 minutes.
Add in my rice, stirred around for 5 minutes.
Green onion on top!
Your fried rice is ready to be served!

How easy was that??
That's why I always try to cook some extra rice, just in case I get lazy and want to just make fried rice for lunch or dinner.
You can pretty much add anything in your fried rice that you like, have fun with it!!

Tell me what did you add in your Sunday Fried Rice!!

Thank you so much for tuning in, 'till next time! 
Have Fun & Be Inspired!

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