Feb 19, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to EasyPeasy 321!!!

Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year!!
This is the year of Ram!!!! *BAAAAAAA*
I want to take this time to wish you and your family a very happy, wealthy, creative and healthy new year ahead!!

I will like to share a very interesting and fun experience I had making the Rainbow Heart Crepe Cake (A.K.A. Eugenie Cake)! Please click here to visit Eugenie's website for the recipe! ^_^

Okay, let's get started!!!

Let me start off by saying I had SO MUCH FUN making this cake!
I have wanted to give this a try for a long time and figured Valentine's day weekend was the perfect occasion!!
Now, this was not a easy recipe to perfect!!! >__<
Don't get me wrong, the taste is great, but it is so difficult to make it look exactly like how Eugenie did!!
This def. takes a lot of patiences and practice.

These are the ingredients and tools that I will be using (I forgot about the eggs oops)

3 eggs 

Add sugar  

Whisk away ....

Add melted butter

Add vegetable oil

Sift in the flour

Add milk

Brush on some oil on the pan

Pour in the cake mixture

Flip it over~~~~ and repeat the process

Now comes the decorating part ... purple in the middle

White whipped cream on the outside

And ... TADAAAAA ><
We are done!!! (Sort of)

This is what the end result looks like .... not exactly what I had in mind.

Here are some things that I should have paid more attention to, which could have given me a better results:

  1. I left the whipped cream out for too long!!
    I poured out the whipped cream for the photo in the beginning, and forgot to put it back into the fridge to keep it cold until I needed to whip it, which cost me the perfect whipped cream.
  2. I should have made the colors more intense for a better visual presentation.
  3. The eggs I used were a little too small.
    The recipe calls for 3 eggs, and so I used 3 eggs, but I didn't take into consideration that I only had small eggs instead of the medium/large sized eggs. 
I will be giving this another try sometimes soon in the near future!!
By then, hopefully I had improved my baking and decorating skills to show you guys a more presentable Eugenie Cake!!
I believe that practice makes perfect! I am not a professional, and I think that failure is a great way to learn your mistakes and improve!!!
NEVER BE DISCOURAGE! No one always gets it right on the first try!! 

I hope you liked the experimental post !!
Let me know how yours turned out!
Also let me know if you like these kind of posts,
where I share with you my thoughts on these experimental recipes!!!!
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Thank you so much for tuning in, 'till next time! 
Have Fun & Be Inspired!


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