Oct 20, 2014

Jujube and Goji Tea 红枣枸杞桂圆茶

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Easy Peasy!!!

Today I will be sharing with you guys my favorite fall/winter tea drink of all time, the Jujube and Goji tea! This drink will definitely keep you warm and comfy for the chilly weather!

This is a perfect drink for the fall season since it's getting more and more chilly here in New York. I normally don't add anything to the drink, but sometimes my cousins like to add a little bit of brown sugar to the drink because they like it really really sweet, but normally, the drink is sweet enough due to the natural sweetness from the natural ingredients!

Before we get started, I would like to talk a little bit about the ingredients that we will be using today.

Jujube (红枣): AKA Red Date, Chinese Date is a very common ingredient that are widely used in soups, teas, and desserts. We also like to eat it as snacks. It is believed (as I have been told ever since I was very young) to have the ability to reduce stress and help with blood circulation.

Goji (枸杞): AKA Goji berry are traditionally cooked before it's eaten. Most of the times, it is added to soups and tea.

Dried Longan (桂圆): It is normally used in herbal tea as well, it is naturally very sweet and is believed to also help with blood circulation.

*Disclaimer: this is a tea drink, not a medication or substitute for any medication!

Let's get started!! 
Here are the ingredients that you will need:

Oct 12, 2014

Pan-Fried Salmon 煎三文鱼

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Easy Peasy!!!

Today I will be sharing with you guys a dish that I make very often at home, the Pan-Fried Salmon. This is a Japanese Salmon Teriyaki inspired dish, I wanted to make something that was not fishy, yet still have the great salmon flavor.


Let's get started!! 
Here are the ingredients that you will need:

Oct 8, 2014

Sudden change in life ... (Up Close & Personal)

Hello everyone,
welcome to a very special post here at EasyPeasy 321.

First I would like to apologies for being MIA last week, now I would like to share with you guys the reason behind it.

As many of you might already know, I started this blog soon after I resigned from my first job as a sales manager in a department store right after graduating from college.

Ever since my resignation, I've been trying to figure out some things like:
Where do I really want to go in life?
What do I really want to do?
What is it that I want?
After asking myself these questions endless times and not being able to get an answer right away, I decided to start taking action instead of wasting time.

While I was looking for a job that I liked, and suits my life style, I started this blog. I was so blessed to be surrounded by people who believed in me and supported me every step of the way.

I didn't have the most LIKES on Facebook, I didn't have the most traffic on my blog, but I saw gradual, and steady improvements! I felt so happy and encouraged, so instead of posting just one new post every week, I started making two, and to my surprise, I got more engagements and response from you guys! <3 That is why I kept doing what I did for the past few months.

Meanwhile, I was still trying to look for a job that best suits me. I was lucky enough to have found a job that had a much better schedule than my previous job. So I interviewed for it, and got the job! I went for the interview last week Monday, and my boss wanted me to start on Tuesday. Due to the sudden change in life(LOL), I didn't have time to either film or write a new post for Wednesday. I was so determined for the new post on Sundays, but reality called, I had to do laundry, grocery shopping, etc...

So PLEASE!! Bear with me while I make the adjustment to the new job, or , my new life style. I promise I will be posting regularly before the end of this month!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH ME! <3 <3

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your supports!!!

AND ... as always, thank you so much for tuning in!
'till next time!!
Have fun & be inspired\(^▽^)/