Oct 8, 2014

Sudden change in life ... (Up Close & Personal)

Hello everyone,
welcome to a very special post here at EasyPeasy 321.

First I would like to apologies for being MIA last week, now I would like to share with you guys the reason behind it.

As many of you might already know, I started this blog soon after I resigned from my first job as a sales manager in a department store right after graduating from college.

Ever since my resignation, I've been trying to figure out some things like:
Where do I really want to go in life?
What do I really want to do?
What is it that I want?
After asking myself these questions endless times and not being able to get an answer right away, I decided to start taking action instead of wasting time.

While I was looking for a job that I liked, and suits my life style, I started this blog. I was so blessed to be surrounded by people who believed in me and supported me every step of the way.

I didn't have the most LIKES on Facebook, I didn't have the most traffic on my blog, but I saw gradual, and steady improvements! I felt so happy and encouraged, so instead of posting just one new post every week, I started making two, and to my surprise, I got more engagements and response from you guys! <3 That is why I kept doing what I did for the past few months.

Meanwhile, I was still trying to look for a job that best suits me. I was lucky enough to have found a job that had a much better schedule than my previous job. So I interviewed for it, and got the job! I went for the interview last week Monday, and my boss wanted me to start on Tuesday. Due to the sudden change in life(LOL), I didn't have time to either film or write a new post for Wednesday. I was so determined for the new post on Sundays, but reality called, I had to do laundry, grocery shopping, etc...

So PLEASE!! Bear with me while I make the adjustment to the new job, or , my new life style. I promise I will be posting regularly before the end of this month!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH ME! <3 <3

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your supports!!!

AND ... as always, thank you so much for tuning in!
'till next time!!
Have fun & be inspired\(^▽^)/


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