Mar 6, 2017

SKIN INC Custom Blend Serum Initial Review

Hello Everyone!!
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It's been a long time, I know.
There are so much that I need to update you guys on, but let's start with something totally new that I just purchased literally yesterday, THE SKIN INC CUSTOM BLEND SERUM!🎊

I've read a lot of reviews and saw a lot of YouTubers talk about the custom blend serum, but have always been hesitant to actually try it myself because of the price (It was $97.99 including tax). So I wanted to see and try it in person. 

So I asked one of the ladies that was working in the section some questions I had such as: Is this product suitable for sensitive skin type? How do I apply it on? How much do I need each time? Which three serums will be the best for my skin? and etc.
After a 10-20 minutes consulting, I decided to give it a try, and picked up the Vitamin A, Licorice and Vitamin C. And here are the reasons why:
  1. These products are made in Japan! I love Japanese cosmetic/skincare products!
  2. They DO NOT contain Parabens
  3. They are fragrance free
  4. Targeting three of my main skin concerns in one bottle, why not!! 
  5. Two drops each use, twice a day, simple enough right?

Here is a more detail description of the individual serums:
  • Vitamin A: Targets dullness and signs of tiredness around the eye area. It supports natural collagen production, blood flow and circulation of the skin. (This is perfect for my panda eye!!!! )
  • Licorice Serum: Calms and soothes irritated skin. I have very sensitive skin and one of my biggest concern for my skin has always been the blemishes that I have around my cheeks. This serum is an antioxidant-rich serum that will help with redness, uneven skintone and the dryness of the skin. (SPOT ON!)
  • Vitamin C: This serum also tackles one other main skin concerns I have: PORES! This serum helps with minimizing the appearance of pores and balance sebum production, which would be perfect for those with oiliness, pores or even dryness issues. (PORE PORE GO AWAY!!)

As soon as I got home, I couldn't wait to start mixing them in the bigger bottle!
Here are some of my thoughts and tips for mixing the serums.

The first one I opened was the Vitamin A, I started by using the dropper that the bottle came with. NOT A GOOD IDEA!! I am all about getting every bit of the product onto my face so noting is wasted, but so many beads and the serum were trapped inside the dropper!! > < No matter how many times I press to try to get them out, they will not come out!! The pain I feel when i see all the goodness, but can't use them 😖 And the dropper was a little messy for me liking because the opening of the bottle is relatively small, so a lot of the serum on the dropper will drip on the opening.

So I decided to ditch the dropper and just pour, I'm usually good at pouring things into another container and not make a mess, but if you are not, I would just stick to the dropper, (not to say it would be less messy). Pouring was much faster, easier, However, the amount of serum that is left inside the container after I pour and tab and pour and tab is still too much!! 😢

After the third bottle, I decided to just leave the smaller bottles upside down, so hopefully by tonight, all the goodness will all come down and i can just use them that way instead of having them go to waste.

Summary: The packaging might need some work, since so much of the serum are not coming out. Or maybe someone else has a better idea on how to transfer them into one bottle, please let me know!! 😇

This is the end result of 3 full bottles after tabs after tabs. It actually does not fill up the big bottle, I would say it will prob take at least half more small bottle in order to fill this all the way up. I had to shake the bottle to ensure that everything was mixed in well and evenly distributed. 

I then tried it after I showered and toned my face, 2 drops on the tips of the hand, then I dabbed it around my face and massaged it in. It absorbed very quickly, and my skin did not feel sticky or wet. it felt refreshed and well nourished! I will also recommend shaking it before ever use to ensure you get all three serums in each and every drop. 💆

I hope you guys enjoyed spending the time with me!!!
Let me know if you would want follow up reviews to keep you guys updated on what I think of the Skin Inc Custom Blend Serum!!! 💋

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